Changez offers the most comprehensive and professional rehabilitation service combining Physiotherapy in-room treatments with a fully functional private gym.


Our aim is to improve your quality of life and help return you to optimal health. This may include pain management, identifying and correcting muscle imbalances, improving joint mobility and injury rehabilitation.


All sessions are ONE-ON-ONE in a private room. No shared sessions.


Sessions are tailored to suit your individual needs and will be personally supervised by a qualified and experienced Physiotherapist. Sessions may include manual therapy and soft tissue techniques, corrective exercises, rehab exercises and ultrasound treatment.


Entitled Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) members may be referred by a General Practitioner (via a D904) for clinically necessary Physiotherapy treatment.


We are located at Daisy Hill.

Current Availability

Monday to Friday appointments available
from 5:30am til 6:30pm


Daisy Hill


Please call
(07) 3841 1199
for availability and to secure a booking

For Referrers:


Your patients deserve the best for their musculoskeletal, sports injury or spinal pain needs.


As a physician, you need to know that when you refer your patients to our care they’ll be in good hands.


Changez have the clinical expertise and supportive services to ensure that both you and your patients have a positive experience with us. Plus we can cater for all your patient’s needs with on-site Exercise Physiology to ensure programs run smoothly and efficiently.


We offer:


A collaborative, team-based approach to patient care and recovery that includes the Doctor, the patient, Phyysiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist if applicable.

Expertise in the latest physiotherapy diagnosis and clinical decision techniques, including Hydrotherapy, Manual Therapy, Pilates, Posture and Muscle Imbalance Correction, Gait Analysis and Restistance Training and Complete Musculare Rehabilitation.

A modern facility with a wide range of equipment including a fully functional Gym.

In-depth one-on-one private room consultations to help you develop the most effective patient care plan.

A deep commitment to ensuring continuity of care.

Assistance with insurance reports and billing issues.



Hydrotherapy is exercise therapy performed in water, providing health benefits particularly for our patients who suffer from injuries that are easily aggravated with weight bearing forces. Largely due to the buoyancy of the water (reducing the weight bearing impact on bones, muscles and joints); our patients are able to keep active and perform prescribed exercises in an environment that is low impact. By reducing the risk of injury aggravation, we are able to improve their strength, flexibility, mobility, and balance in order to progress them to land-based activity more quickly.
Patients who participate in an appropriate hydrotherapy program are usually able to return to work faster than those who don’t.


A Hydrotherapy Program Is Needed When;


  • You have a red flag condition that prevents you from performing land based activity.
  • Before surgery when the aim is to prevent you from experiencing further deconditioning.
  • Your injury is easily aggravated by weight bearing forces.
  • You have a limited range of movement due to your injury.


DID YOU KNOW: Patients in acute pain can physically achieve more in water due to its warmth and buoyancy effects; assisting the restoration of function.

Hydrotherapy is a fun and safe way to regain your mobility, health and quality of life.